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XCore Exchange Activity Points

On points are awarded to people who actively participate in the community by posting to forum discussions, Q&A, projects, groups, etc.

The points system works as follows:

Activity Points Reason
Forum Topic 2 Creating new content
Forum Post 3 Participating in existing discussions
Add Friend 3 Building network of friends
Admin of Group 3 Creating special interest group
Member joins my Group 2 Growing special interest group
Join a Group 3 Joining special interest group
Group Post 2 Creating group discussions
Post a Project Idea 3 Creating new ideas
Project in development stage 5 Developing ideas into a project
Add code to Project 10 Adding something concrete and valuable to project that others can use
Project in release stage 5 Maturing project into a full release
Project voted more than 3 stars 5 Posting good projects
Project Post 2 Posting announcement, creating discussions on project
Post a question 2 Asking questions is important so we know what issues people have with using the xCORE technology.
Post an answer 3 Answers are even better as they mean other people can benefit from the solution to a common problem.
Question up voted 5 Good questions are rewarded
Answer up voted 10 Good answers even more so
Answer accepted as Best Answer 15 Providing answers that solve the question's are great
Accept an Answer as Best Answer 2 Telling us what works and what not, is also good
Named as Contributor to a Project 5 Helping others with their project
Adding video to a project 5 Valuable content added to project
Been a member of for a year 10 For sticking around
Comment on Q&A, Projects or Group posts not your own 1 Participating in discussions
Forum post, project or Q&A reported * -2 Posting inappropriate content means added work for moderators
User is reported/warned * -2 User reported as misbehaving or posting inappropriate or spam content

* You will only loose points if a reported forum post, question, answer, project or group is confirmed by a moderator.

* If a user receives continued warnings, their account may be blocked until they can provide sufficient assurance that they will not continue to post inappropriate content.

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